About Roam MTB

Shaun Forke and Guy Moodie are two mountain bike (MTB) enthusiasts who both got frustrated not being able to find their location on unfamiliar MTB trails and not having up to date trail information at hand when out riding. Using his extensive expertise in developing 3D navigation apps, Shaun set about developing a prototype mobile trail app and the enthusiasm from fellow riders convinced him to extend the trail network from his local area in Mount Beauty to the wider mountain biking community. Roam MTB was born and rapidly gained support with regular requests for trail maps from everyone from MTB riders to ski resorts.

Guy who was working on an Android navigation app joined the Roam MTB team after a chance encounter with Shaun where they realised they both had a shared passion for mountain biking and technology. Eight months on Roam MTB now has a fully functional iOS app, an online editor for MTB park managers to update trail data, an Android version in the wings and a rapidly growing trail database with well over 30 MTB parks including the Mt Buller resort.

Shaun Riding!
Shaun standing on a trail

The Roam MTB Philosophy

More than just an app, our aim is to provide a sustainable platform that allows clubs and land management groups to gather, manage and distribute park information directly to trail users through the use of innovative technology. We only map official MTB trails as we want to promote the safe and responsible use of the trails.

We recognise the countless hours volunteers put into developing the trail network we ride and want to play a part in assisting these groups in the vital role they play in promoting the awesome sport that is mountain biking. If you would like your MTB park mapped please contact us, we would love to hear from you.